General info


If you don't mind,  I'll tell you something about myself:

My name is  Ivo Molák.
- I was born on 26 July 1959 in the Czech republic, on a warm Sunday afternoon.
- In 1969, my parents came to Luxembourg.  (Luxembourger since 1978)  Currently I live in the south of Luxembourg

And I like:
- My daughter Nadia (born 1984)
- My girlfriend  Christiane
- The nature 
- Animals, and especially my dog.  He needs running... a lot.  So I walk him at least one hour a day, but usually more than that. 
- Motorbikes...  I've been motor-biking since the age of 17.  Those I used to have, and  this is my current one. 
- Cars...   I have a few of them...  you may have seen my Moggie  and my 55 Chevy The others are mostly   1:18  ;-) And  here  are the ones I owned before.
- Guitars... I'm not really a virtuoso, but I do it with a lot of enthusiasm :-) My guitar collection   And here, I am performing
- Music...  "long live Rock'n Roll"  I like especially all kind of melodic rock, blues rock and blues, ... and the Eagles.
- I read a lot
- Inline- and ice-skating,  swimming, mountainbiking.