SUZUKI 800DR  Last update: 02 July 2010

... and still doing strong
Technical data:
Model:                    1994
Engine:                   779cc
Cylinders:               Single 
Performance:          54 HP (40 KW)
Torque:                  60 Nm
Weight:                  222kg
Top Speed:             185 km/h
Fuel consumption:    5.5   l/100km
- Very high oil consumption during the first 2000 km. (1.5 l/1000 km - repaired under warranty) 
- No oil consumption at all until about 45000km.  Now I keep an eye on it, and add a bit from time to time. 
- Third set of front brake pads changed at 56500km
- Rear brake pads need to be changed every 16000 km or so. 
- Original drive chain and sprockets changed at 23000km
- After market replacement drive chain was done 10000km later (now I'm using original chain and sprockets again)
- 4th battery since new.  (one of them lasted just one season)
- Originally mounted rear tire replaced at 4500km  by a Michelin T65, which was done after 6500km. (on my former 600KLR the same tire lasted 12500km)
- Changed to pure street tires  (Metzeler, rear ME55 / front ME33 - 8000km/10000km) 
- Back to enduro tires at 33000km: Michelin T66, entirely satisfied, I should have done that earlier.
- Now on MICHELIN Anakee.
- Changed chain and sprockets at 60300km
- 64000km without any problems

02 July 2010

Last picture
After a bit more than 16 years and a bit less than 65000 km, she found a new home.  Best bike I ever had.  
I wish her, and her the new owner all the best, and many, many years of pleasure.

This is my new bike

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